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A customer has a subscription with one of the following services: Hosted Exchange, Hosted Qmail, Hosted CRM, Hosted OCS, Windows Streaming Media. This service had not been provisioned by the system and it had not been used by the customer before the provider switched this subscription from the "Subscription-local" mode to the "Account-wide" mode. Now, the customer receives the following error messages when he tries to manage the service in Customer Control Panel:
You have already Exchange for Shared Users in your account. Only one Exchange in this configuration is allowed.
- or -

Account X already has provisioned Qmail hosting in other subscription. In the current configuration you can have only one Qmail hosting in the account.
- or -

Office Communications does not support account-wide service users.
and so on.


This subscription was switched to the "Account-wide" mode by mistake and there is a violation of the following restrictions:

- An account can have only one subscription with the "Account-wide" Hosted Exchange/Hosted Qmail service.
- The "Account-wide" mode is not supported for the Hosted OCS, Hosted CRM, and Windows Streaming Media services.


If the subscription contains only this unused service, you can remove the subscription. If the subscription contains some additional services that are in use, you can migrate this subscription to another subscription that contains only required services.

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