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Article ID: 121617, created on May 20, 2014, last review on Jul 14, 2018

  • Applies to:
  • Business Automation 5.4


After manual update of SDK by running a new version of SDK installer, almost all the bm packages were removed. waf configure returns an error: PBA should be installed to build Ecommerce plugin-in.


Installation of bm-sdk removed older version of bm RPM package and packages that depend on it.


  1. Check installer logs to see what packages were removed:

    [root@test ~]# grep "Removing package" /tmp/product_installer.log
    Sep 20 2013 14:19:56 [:8903] INFO: Removing packages.
    [AI::RPM] 1. Removing package bm-dummygate
    [AI::RPM] 2. Removing package bm
    [AI::RPM] 3. Removing package bm-domaingate
    [AI::RPM] 4. Removing package bm-domreg-plugin-dummyregistrar
    [AI::RPM] 5. Removing package bm-domreg-plugin-testregistrar
    [AI::RPM] 6. Removing package bm-message
    [AI::RPM] 7. Removing package bm-payment-plugin-dummypay
    [AI::RPM] 8. Removing package bm-stores
    [AI::RPM] 19. Removing package bm-csrlib
    [AI::RPM] 20. Removing package bm-curlclient
    [AI::RPM] 21. Removing package bm-epplib
    [AI::RPM] 22. Removing package bm-mailmessage
    [AI::RPM] 23. Removing package bm-pgpcryptolib
    [AI::RPM] 24. Removing package bm-plugin
    [AI::RPM] 25. Removing package bm-sdk
    [AI::RPM] 26. Removing package bm-whoislib
    [AI::RPM] 27. Removing package bm-xmlsimplelib
    [AI::RPM] 28. Removing package bm-ziplib
    [AI::RPM] 29. Removing package rdbmspp
    [AI::RPM] 30. Removing package rdbmspp-devel
    [AI::RPM] 31. Removing package stellart
    [AI::RPM] 32. Removing package stellart-devel
    [AI::RPM] 33. Removing package webgate
    [AI::RPM] 34. Removing package webgate-devel
    [AI::RPM] 35. Removing package webgate-httpd
    [AI::RPM] 36. Removing package webgate-static
  2. Download pba-db-installer and pba-installer of the same version as sdk (PBA 5.4).
  3. Install the packages and configure them as described in the Upgrade Guide, chapters Database Upgrade, PBA Application Upgrade (choose the required plugins here), PBA Application Post-Configuration.
  4. After successful PBA start it shall be possible to compile a plugin.

In future, to update sdk and pba (for PBA 5.4.15 and above) use the script as described in the Update Guide.

There are existing requests to improve software behavior:

PBA-29199 - installer should not silently remove existing bm or its dependent packages when installing bm-sdk

PBA-39696 - add bm to dependencies of bm-sdk to prevent situations when someone installs bm-sdk and forgets about bm or when installation of newer version of bm-sdk removes older version of bm

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