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Winbox can not be updated. It fails with the following error:

New update packages process was started at Mon May 05 14:44:41 BST 2014
Failed to update packages on box 171:
05/05/2014 14:46:41
Windows H-Sphere engine version:
Server name: WIN2
Server IP:
Psoft.HSphere.Transport.Protocols.ProtocolException: Access denied; Incorrect authentication info
at Psoft.HSphere.Transport.Protocols.SoapProtocol.AccessDenied(TransportChannel channel) in c:\build\working_dir\Release_x64_trunk\winbox\.NET\Main\Core\Transport\Protocols\SoapProtocol.cs:line 94
at Psoft.HSphere.Transport.Protocols.SoapProtocol.CheckAuth(TransportChannel channel, IProtocolSecurity security, Object authInfo) in c:\build\working_dir\Release_x64_trunk\winbox\.NET\Main\Core\Transport\Protocols\SoapProtocol.cs:line 250
at Psoft.HSphere.Transport.SessionManager.ProcessRequest(TransportChannel channel, Request request) in c:\build\working_dir\Release_x64_trunk\winbox\.NET\Main\Core\Transport\SessionManager.cs:line 243
Update packages process was finished at Mon May 05 14:44:46 BST 2014


C:\Program Files\HSphere\Config\hsphere.config file was overwritten and does not contains hsphere username and password.


  1. Put the username in the following line: <prop name="username" value="H-sphere_username" description="H-Sphere user name" /> in the C:\Program Files\HSphere\Config\hsphere.config file.
  2. Generate a new password hash using the following tool: In cmd window:

    >HashGenerator.exe "password"  
  3. Put the new hash in the following line: <prop name="password" value="new_HASH" description="H-Sphere user password> in the C:\Program Files\HSphere\Config\hsphere.config file.
  4. Restart H-sphere service

    >net stop hsphere   
    >net start hsphere   

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