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Article ID: 121433, created on May 2, 2014, last review on May 2, 2014

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When compiling third-party domain/payment plugin inside Parallels Virtuozzo container, waf build is being killed for no obvious reason:

[ 9/14] cxx: .build/default/.src/rpc/srvPLUGIN_Object_1.cpp -> .build/default/.src/rpc/srvPLUGIN_Object_1_1.o
[10/14] cxx: .build/default/.src/mainPLUGIN.cpp -> .build/default/.src/mainPLUGINT_1.o
[11/14] cxx: .build/default/.src/ -> .build/default/.src/PLUGIN_Container_1.o


There is not enough RAM on container, check it with free -m. In /var/log/messages on the node you will see messages like:

Fatal resource shortage: privvmpages, UB <container_id_where_sdk_installed>
OOM killed process cc1plus (pid=<pid_id>, ve=<container_id_where_sdk_installed>) exited, free=5247686.


Increase RAM on the container at least to 4GB:

# vzctl set [container_id_where_sdk_installed] --physpages 1048576:1048576 --save

and try building again.

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