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Article ID: 121389, created on Apr 30, 2014, last review on Nov 1, 2014

  • Applies to:
  • Plesk Automation 11.1
  • Plesk Automation 11.5


Some records on my DNS server do not match the DNS records from the Parallels Plesk Automation (Plesk) DNS manager. How do I sync all name servers with the DNS zones?


You can use an API method called "pem.syncNameServers". For example, if you want to sync the domain 'domain.tld', you can use the following XML for the request:


If you need to sync several domains (or even all domains), you will need to generate the XML from above for each domain. For example, use the following command to generate and send all XML files one by one:

# while read i; do cat pem.syncNameServers.xml | sed 's/placefordomain/'$i'/g' | curl -k -d@- https://admin:admin_pass@PPA_MN_IP:8440; done < dnszones


  • pem.syncNameServers.xml - the XML file from above, but the domain name is changed to the word 'placefordomain' (see the 'sed' part of the command)
  • dnszones - a file with the domain names you need to sync

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