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How can you configure a Power reseller in Business Automation?

How can you allow the reseller to create its own service templates using the provider's resources?


The configuration is essentially the same as for VARs. However, instead of adding delegated service plans, you can add all the resources you want to allow reselling to the branding service template. This way, the reseller will be able to create service templates using these resources. This approach does not let you bill the reseller for the resource usage (as the resources are included in the template, not in the plan), but you can set a definite recurring fee for the usage of the resellers subscription if required.

Another method would be selling a reseller an ordinary hosting subscription with the required resources. The resources available limit should not be low, as the customers of the reseller will only be able to purchase resources up to this limit. To allow overuse, the resource should be measurable and controlled by an external system, which means that the reseller will be billed for the average resource quantity usage during the billing period.

Note that the way described above is not suitable for reselling of DummyGate services. If reseller purchases DummyGate-based service plan with unlimited amount of some resource, he will not be able to resell the resource as there will be no way to add it to own service template. The feature request with id #PBA-80778 ("Possibility to resell the DummyGate resources") exists to implement a way to resell the dummygate services.

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