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A discount is configured in Business Automation (BA), but the customer's purchase was not discounted. Why?


I. It is possible that a different (e.g. 0%) discount was applied. This can be checked in the database in the "OrdDet" table:

  • Find the order you expected to be discounted
  • Click Select Columns and choose Detail ID to be displayed in the Order details list
  • In the database, check which discount was applied (if any):

    pba=> select "DiscID" from "OrdDet" where "DetID" = <id>;

II. If you see that no discount was applied (or a different discount from the one you expected), check:

a) That the discount you expected to be applied is "Active"

b) That the discount is valid for all the plans and the resources (options "For All Plans" and "For All Resources"). If not, make sure that the service plan and corresponding subscription period and resource(s) purchased are added to the discount. Please note that adding a service plan and a subscription period does not mean that all the resources from the plan will automatically be discounted. All the required resource rates shall be added to "Discounted Resources" tab

c) If the option "For All Plans"/"For All Resources" is enabled, it may have been disabled when an order was placed. It is also possible that, at the time when an order was placed, the discount was not active. Check the history of the discount settings:

Home > Products > Marketing choose the discount > History button.

d) When the plan/resource was added to the promotion:

    pba=> select "UserArc", "DateArc"::abstime from "DiscountedPlan" where "DiscID" = <discount_id> and "PlanID" = <PlanID>;

For periods, see the table "DiscountedPlanPeriod". For the resource - "DiscountedResource". The history of changes is kept in the Arc tables ("DiscountedPlanArc", "DiscountedPlanPeriodArc", "DiscountedResourceArc"). If the date of the order is earlier then the date of discount configuration, this is why the discount was not applied.

For discounts of type Discount By Promo Code:

  • Check that the promo code was entered correctly when the order was placed.

  • Check that there are no promotions with the same promo code. If service plan sales are eligible for both discount and promotion, the promotion is applied to sales while the discount is ignored.

For discounts of type Discount By Account/Customer Class:

  • Check that the account belongs to the discounted customer class/listed on the Accounts tab. Keep in mind that if there are two discounts of this type, on one of them the account ID is included to the discounted customers list, and on the other the discount for the customer class the account belongs to is configured, then the first one is applied (the customers list).
  • Check that there were no recent changes to the account's customer class:

    pba=> select "ClassID","DateArc"::abstime from "AccountArc" where "AccountID" = 1000006;
  • Check the dates of the order and the dates when an account/customer class were included in the promotion:

    pba=> select "DateArc"::abstime from "AccountInDiscount" where "AccountID" = <id> and "DiscID" = <id>;
    pba=> select "DateArc"::abstime from "ClassInDiscount" where "ClassID" = <id> and "DiscID" = <id>;

The history of changes is kept in Arc tables. If the date of the order is earlier then the date of discount configuration, this is why the discount was not applied.

III. If all above has been checked and all the settings are correct, the reason of discount not applied may be a bug with id #PBA-80163 ("Correctly configured discount may not be applied to billing orders"), valid only for OSA 7.0.x. To clarify the bug's status please contact your TAM/pta team.

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