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The main rule when manipulating with resource limits in PA is:

  1. Check if resource you are going to change limit for is configured as resource rate in PBA-E subscription and service plan either directly (this means resource rate is added for resource itself) or indirectly (which means that there is a resource rate for composite resource that includes the resource in question).
  2. If there is a resource rate - all limit related manipulations on service plan/service template level should be done on service plan resource rates configuration only (changing limits in service template will not affect anything because limits set by resource rates override service template limits), all manipulations with resource limit for a particular subscription should be done by placing upgrade/downgrade order or synchronizing subscription with service plan (in case resource rate limits were changed on plan level). 3, If there is no resource rate - limit manipulations on service template/service plan level should be done by changing resource limit in service template, manipulation with resource limit for a particular subscription should be done from POA provider control panel > Subscriptions > <Subscription> > Limits > Edit.

To install new resources or to adjust limits for existing resources in a POA subscription through service templates/plans, use the following steps:

  1. Deactivate the Service template by clicking the Deactivate button on the General page of the Service Template page.

  2. Edit the corresponding Service template (the one that the subscription is based on) in POA, and add a new resource to it.

  3. Activate the Service template by clicking the Activate button on the same page.

  4. If you want to sell newly installed resources using PBA-E, edit the corresponding Service Plan (the one that the subscription is based on) in PBA-E, and configure the corresponding resource rate for the resource added in the previous step.

    Refer to Adding Service Plan Resource Rates for details.

    If you do not want to set up the resource rate(s) in PBA-E please use instructions from the following article to install resources to subscriptions.

  5. Synchronize the Service Plan (from the previous step) in PBA-E with the target subscriptions (if any). Refer to Synchronizing Subscriptions for details.

Note: In most cases, you SHOULD NOT synchronize the Service Template in POA with the subscriptions using the Apply Template Limits or Apply Template Limits and Parameters links from the General tab of the Service Template page, even if you are running a stand-alone POA installation. If you do this, POA will apply the limits as they are are configured in the service template, and it will not consider additional resources purchased for the corresponding PBA-E subscriptions.

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