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Article ID: 120992, created on Apr 10, 2014, last review on Jul 14, 2018

  • Applies to:
  • Odin Business Automation Standard 4.5


I'm trying to register a domain with registration plug-in InterNetX. A domain remains in status "Registering" (Top > Service Director > Domain Manager > Domains). The following records appear in DEBUG log (/var/log/hspc/hspc.log):

[2014/04/08 06:46:00] [DEBUG] [32444] [HSPC::Logger::sw_trace] TRACE [02]: . +> HSPC::MT::DM::ToolsInt->is_zone_started ()
[2014/04/08 06:48:30] [DEBUG] [32444] [HSPC::MT::DM::ToolsInt::is_zone_started] The zone(%domain.tld%) is not sarted yet on NS(
[2014/04/08 06:48:30] [DEBUG] [32444] [HSPC::MT::DM::ToolsInt::is_zone_started] The zone(%domain.tld%) is not sarted yet on NS(
[2014/04/08 06:48:30] [INFO] [32444] [HSPC::MT::DM::ToolsInt::is_zone_started] The zone already started?: no
[2014/04/08 06:48:30] [WARN] [32444] [HSPC::MT::DM::ToolsInt::process_regdomain_after_zonestart] [DM] WARNING: DNS zone starting timed out. Some NS servers for domain %domain.tld% may be unreachable. The next attempt #3 of 10 will be launched in 0 minutes.

Where and are name servers registered in Odin Business Automation - Standard (OBAS):

Top > Service Director > Domain Manager > Name Servers


It's by design that domain registration with InterNetX requires to start domain DNS zone at OBAS name servers before sending registration request to the registrar. Domain DNS zone is created in OBAS and synchronized with the name servers via periodic task "DNS Synchronization" (Top > Configuration Director > Logging and Errors > Action Log > Tasks Queue).

The issue might happen because:

  1. Both name servers and are Non-manageable name servers. They do not support automated zone files synchronization.

  2. It takes a long time to run “DNS synchronization”. Domain registration process that checks for zone started cannot wait for the end of the periodic task and the error appeared before synchronization is completed.


  1. Register at least one SSH-manageable name server in OBAS.

  2. Increase limit "DNS zone startup time limit" in plug-in settings. For example:

    Top > Service Director > Domain Manager > Plug-ins > InterNetX > TLDs > %tld%: DNS zone start-up settings

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