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Article ID: 120867, created on Apr 3, 2014, last review on Aug 15, 2016

  • Applies to:
  • Odin Business Automation Standard 4.5


In accordance with subscriptions lifecycle subscriptions become Graced, Expired and, finally, Deleted.

What happens to objects that are managed by those subscriptions, such as Plesk Client, Plesk Domain or a Dedicated Server? Why sometimes on Plesk side a domain or a client is still Active despite its OBAS subscription is Graced or even Expired?


OBAS shows great flexibility when it comes to managing of subscriuption operations. There is a mechanism known as Event Manager that allows to define what to do when a subscription status changes.

For instance, you can configure what to do when a subscription changes its status to Graced using the event "Subscription period has ended" (by design, all operations of a subscription in status Graced are still available):

Top > Configuration Director > Event Manager > Events > Subscription period has ended > Actions > %Subscription type% > Add Action

Run custom script
Action on Account
Action on subscription
Send message

Please note: for Odin Automation Subscriptions (Parallels Automation Subscription prior to OBAS 4.5.6) there is an additional action:

Operation on a subscription on OSA side 

which allows to Terminate, Enable or Disable OSA subscriptions.

Or, if you would like to put Plesk Client on hold when a Plesk client subscription becomes Expired, go Top > Configuration Director > Event Manager > Events > #20 Subscription grace period has ended, switch to Actions tab, press on Action on Plesk Client Subscription under Plesk Client Subscription and enable Put Plesk Client on Hold.

Full events list can be found in OBAS Provider's Guide.

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