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An attempt to cancel an order fails with an error:

Unable to cancel order: at least one order item is completed.


As the error suggests, the status of the order items is Completed (check the Provisioning Item tab of the order you are trying to cancel).

Since Parallels Business Automation (PBA) 5.5, it is not possible to cancel orders with completed items, since services have been provisioned and payment is owed. An invoice must be created.


There are two possibilities:

  1. Investigate the error with the failed order item and attempt to fix it so that the order is fully provisioned.

  2. Remove the failed order item. Check that the corresponding order detail (if it exists) is also removed. The detail needs to be removed for the order total to be recalculated. Press Resubmit for provisioning. The order should provision any outstanding items and go to Completed status. An invoice for the required total will be issued.

Note that if a failed domain item was removed from order corresponding domain subscription on POA side will not be removed because of a software issue PBA-37371. Please use pem.removeSubscription method ( refer to page 62 of API Guide ) to remove such subscription.

Please note: Provisioning Items can only be deleted from orders which have not yet entered the provisioning stage (New), or are in the Provisioning Failed status.

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