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Article ID: 120743, created on Mar 26, 2014, last review on Jul 14, 2018

  • Applies to:
  • Odin Business Automation Standard 4.5


Is there a way to offer domain registration for free, either as a domain registration subscription or as a part of Plesk or Container hosting plan?

All but Domain Registration hosting plans

Please check Creating Promotion page of the OBAS Provider's Guide.

Waiving domain registration fee. This allows giving a free period for domain registration if a certain subscription period of hosting plan is purchased. To apply a promotion to domain-registration fee:

  • Put a tick in the check box next to the Subscription period and select the free domain registration period from the Waive period drop-down menu. You can also set it to unlimited.
  • Type the maximum amount to waive into the Domain waive limit field. This limitation allows you to avoid unreasonable discounts if your customer subscribes for the discounted Hosting Plan and registers the expensive domain.
  • Important: To enable the discount, select TLDs to which the promotion will be applied: if no TLDs selected, then no discount will be applied. The list of TLDs appears in the Available field, this list is built according to the set of TLDs available with the hosting plan(s) selected for the promotion. Select TLDs to be discounted from the list in the Available field and click >> to move them to the Selected field.

    Note: Free domain promotion is not applicable to Domain Registration hosting plans. If a Domain Registration hosting plan is attached for example, to a Virtuozzo Container hosting plan as DNS Settings, and free domain promotion is configured for this Virtuozzo Container plan, then promotion is applied to a domain. In this case, if customer orders several domains, promotion waives domain registration fee for only one domain (selected randomly).

To make the domain registration promotion possible, please make sure the "Waiving domain registration fee" promotion plug-in is installed on the OBAS node:

~# rpm -q hspc-promo-plugin-domainwaivee  

Install the plug-in if it is missing:

~# rpm -Uvh packages/hspc-promo-plugin-domainwaivee-*.rpm  
~# hspc-upgrade-manager --finish  

The package is included to OBAS distributive.

Domain Registration hosting plans

As for Domain Registration hosting plans, please use Free subscription period described on the same page:

Free subscription period. Odin Business Automation Standard allows you to configure free usage of the Hosting Plan for a certain period conditional to the purchase of a particular subscription. To do this please enable the Free subscription period feature and on the opened page check the Subscription period and in the drop-down menu select the Free period value to apply to this subscription.

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