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Article ID: 120610, created on Mar 19, 2014, last review on Jul 14, 2018

  • Applies to:
  • Operations Automation 5.5
  • Business Automation 5.5


An upgrade/downgrade/change order to switch a service plan is stuck in "Provisioning" status and the subscription has a "Changing Plan" service status.

In the list of events (Home > Operations > Tasks > All Events ) there is a failed one, which can be found by searching by the provisioning item ID in the Parameters field. The provisioning item ID can be found in Home > Operations > Orders > hang order > Provisioning Items tab.

If you do not see the provisioning item ID there and clicking on the Description results in an error, click Select Columns and check the Item ID option, then save the changes:


A column named Item ID will appear.

The details of the failed event are:

Change Plan Completed OrderItemID=XXX; IssuedSuccessfully=1; Message=Service Plan was changed for Subscription #YYY.; GateID=4 Failed

On the Task tab of this event, there is a failed task:

Execution Failed: Concurrent Billing Order has been processed, please cancel current order.


When the order to switch the service plan/period is placed, the system recalculates the subscription fee according to the order placement date. An error "Concurrent Billing Order has been processed" means the subscription was billed after an order to switch the plan had been placed. Now, it cannot be processed correctly as its details will be recalculated according to the new billing dates.

The problem when an order does not fail but is left in Provisioning status is a bug with ID #PBA-53211. This issue will be corrected in a later Parallels Business Automation update.


The current order should be canceled and a new one placed instead.

  1. Fail the order by triggering the "Change Plan Completed" event:

    PBA Operations> System> Settings> Events> Event Type Change Plan Completed > Trigger Event

    The Parameters:

    OrderItemID=XXX; IssuedSuccessfully=0; Message=Service Plan was changed for Subscription #YYY.; GateID=4

    (XXX and YYY are to be substituted with the real values. This event is the same as the one initially found, but with the addition of IssuedSuccessfully=0)

  2. Cancel the order, which is now in Provisioning Failed status (if there are items already in Completed status, then delete the failed provisioning item from the order).
  3. Place a new order to switch the service plan/subscription period, then process it.

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