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Article ID: 120607, created on Mar 19, 2014, last review on Dec 16, 2014

  • Applies to:
  • Operations Automation 5.5
  • Operations Automation 5.4
  • APS 1.x


I have created a subscription for my APS package, several tasks appear in Operations > Tasks, why are there are so many tasks for one operation?


If an instance of an APS package is provisioned/reconfigured/unprovisioned the following three tasks are scheduled:

  • Initiating operation

This task changes the status of application instance from 'Ready' to 'Configuring' status, if it is canceled next tasks for the same instance will fail with this error message:

Another operation on instance of application / service is already in progress.

Almost never fails.

Should never be canceled.

  • executing configuration script (APS1) / Executing APS provisioning workflow (APS2)

This task actually executes the code packaged in APS to provision/reconfigure/unprovision a service, it fails if scripts execution fails, the output provides an error message returned by script if any.

Can fail if application scripts return an error or of application integrity was broken by canceling previous tasks for the same instance.

Can be canceled with care

  • Finalizing operation / finalizing unprovision workflow / finalizing provision workflow

This task updates POA database (creates/updates/deletes internal objects, their links to other services with the same instance, changes the status to "Ready")

Rarely fails.

Should never be canceled.

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