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Article ID: 120590, created on Mar 18, 2014, last review on Jan 22, 2018

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Attempt to add a resource category description (Home > Products > Resources > Resource Categories) or Detailed/Extended Description (in BA 5.4 Long Description) of the service plan in the language other than English results in no error, but the inserted description is not shown after its adding.


The number of symbols inserted exceed the maximum possible. The columns "longDescription" in the "Plan" table and "Description" in the "ResourceCategory" are the columns of type varchar (character varying), with the limit of the number of characters - 8192. The fields are multilanguage, which means that values for each language are stored in the same column.

The maximum amount of languages possible to be configured in PBA is 8, therefore, ideally, the number of the characters for these description fields shall not exceed 1024 for one language (8192/8=1024). However if you are not going to install more languages than it is currently configured, then the maximum possible number of the characters can be calculated as 8192/the number of installed languages in PBA. For example, if there are three languages, the maximum amount of character is to be 2730 for one language.

There is no validation in the interface for such multilanguage fields length, there is a feature request to implement it - #PFR-1341 ("Improve support for multiple languages") (PBA-51345).

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