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In Control Panel > Exchange, a Provider sees a number of mailboxes in Updating and Deleting states.

Corresponding tasks to update or remove such mailboxes were canceled in the Parallels Operations Automation (POA) task manager and then deleted, and so cannot be rescheduled.

How can these statuses be set correctly?


To completely delete a mailbox, try to use the pem.exch.removeMailbox.xml method first:


To get $Entity_ID, please see step 3.

  1. Check that the user exists in Active Directory. If it is missing, recreate it (check the properties for other mailboxes, preferably for the same customer).

  2. Check that the mailbox exists in Exchange:

    PS> Get-Mailbox -Identity "user@domain.tld"

    If it is missing, recreate it. Please note that a mailbox may be missing but the user can still exist in Exchange as a MailUser:

    [PS] >Get-MailUser -Identity "user@domain.tld"
    Name                                     RecipientType
    ----                                     -------------
    $User                                     MailUser

    In this case, enable the user as a Mailbox:

    [PS] >Get-MailUser -Identity "user@domain.tld" | Enable-Mailbox -Database $DATABASE
    Name                  Alias                ServerName       ProhibitSendQuota
    ----                  -----                ----------       -----------------
    $User                 $ALIAS               $DBNAME          unlimited
  3. Update the mailbox status to 'Ready' in the POA database. Please note that it is strongly suggested you make backups before modifying the database.

    1. Obtain the mailbox's entity_id:

      plesk=> select * from actdir_entities where ldap_path LIKE '%$USER%';
    2. Set the sync status to 0 in exch_mailboxes:

      plesk=> update exch_mailboxes set sync_status=0,ops_scheduled=0 where mailbox_id=$Entity_ID;

If required, retry the removal after setting the correct status.

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