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Article ID: 120517, created on Mar 13, 2014, last review on Jul 14, 2018

  • Applies to:
  • APS 2.x


I have just created a subscription for an APS2 application but when I log to customer's panel the application tab is missing. Why can this be?


All issues can be classified into two categories:

  • resources were not provisioned
  • application UI cannot be embedded into CCP

Provisioning troubleshooting

Verify that the subscription has at least one active resource of your application:

  • login to CCP
  • go to Home -> All Resource Usage
  • make sure that Usage for at least one of your resources is more than 0

If usage is greater than 0 skip to UI troubleshooting, if no resources were provided make sure that:

  • one of the resource types included into this service template has Automatically provision service set to true
  • service template has Autoprovisioning set to true
  • there are no failed tasks to provision services for this subscription in Operations -> Tasks
  • limits for APS resources are not set to 0
  • all resources required for provisioning of autoprovided resources are included into service template:

For example when subscription is provisioned a resource has to be created, this resource has the following relations defined in its schema file:

"relations": {
        "globals": {
            "type": "",
            "required": true,
            "collection": false
        "brand": {
            "type": "",
            "required": true,
            "collection": false
        "account": {
            "type": "",
            "required": true,
            "collection": false
        "users": {
            "type": "",
            "collection": true

Three resources have "required": true:

  • resource will be provided by POA automatically
  • an instance of has to be included into service template using Application Service Reference resource
  • an instance of has to be included into service template using Application Service Reference resource

If a required resource is missing auto-provided resource cannot be provided.

UI troubleshooting

If resources were actually provided (resource usage is greater than 0) and there are no failed tasks then the tab is not showing because of navigation conflict, check APP-META.xml, search for <navigation> that plugs-to placeholder:

<navigation id="ccp" label="Application">
    <var name="organization" type-id=""/>
    <plugs-to id=""/>
            <item id="user" label="Users">

Get a listing of resources with type declared as var at the root of navigation, only one resource should be returned. If according to business logic of the service more than one resource of this type can be created under the same account, it should not be declared in navigation as a variable.

Getting a list of resources for navigation example above:

curl -k -H 'APS-Token:CUSTOMERS_TOKEN' https://localhost:6308/aps/2/resources?implementing\(\)

For POA to draw application tab this request should return only one resource when executed with token of an account.

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