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  • Plesk Automation 11.5

Odin provides free technical support to Plesk Automation valid license owners.

Support options depend on the source license was obtained from. For additional information please check Support Options for Plesk Automation.

You can use product documentation, Knowledgebase, find a solution or ask a question on the Odin Forum. The user community is supported by Plesk Experts, Odin support staff, and engineering resources.

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Plesk Automation General Questions

  • What is Plesk Automation?

    Plesk Automation (hereafter referred to as PA) is a hosting management solution where one central server (management node) controls an arbitrary number of other servers that have various roles - web, mail, DNS, and so on. In terms of PA, these controlled servers are called service nodes.

  • Which is the latest Plesk Automation version available for installation ?

    At the moment latest available version for deployment is Plesk Automation 11.5 update 21.

  • What languages are supported by Plesk Automation 11.5?

    Administration Panel and Hosting Panel are localized separately in Plesk Automation 11.5. Only Provider or Resellers can access to the Administration Panel. They can use any of available locales. 11 locales are installed with PA and available for the selection:

    English (United States)
    Portuguese (Brazil)

    For additional information please read Plesk Automation Operations Guide and How can I create/change NS records for the new subscriptions?

  • Can Plesk Automation manage my existing Plesk Panel servers?

    No, it cannot. We advise hosting providers to transfer all data from Plesk servers to a new PA installation using Migration Tool.

  • What hosting services can Plesk Automation manage?

    By default, the PA Management node acts as master DNS server for all zones created in Plesk Automation and provides webmail service for all mailboxes in Plesk Automation.

    You can also set up the management node to provide the following services by assigning it the corresponding provisioning attributes and mark the node as being ready to provide: Apache web hosting, Postfix mail and MySQL database hosting.

    In order to provide additional services such as SmarterMail mail hosting, MSSQL database hosting, IIS web hosting you need to deploy additional Service node. For additional information please refer How to install additional service on the Service Node

  • Which Billing solutions could be integrated with Plesk Automation 11.5 ?

    Administrators and resellers can employ a billing solution to automate subscribing customers to hosting plans as well as to automate the monetization of this process. Currently, Plesk Automation supports the following solutions:

    Plesk Automation Billing Odin Business Automation Standard Web Host Manager Complete Solution (WHMCS). Any homegrown billing system integrated with Plesk Automation by means of API.

  • Do I need to install additional packages before registration Service node in PA ?

    No, you don't need to install any package manually. During service node registration PA automatically installs all necessary packages according to selected role.

    Note: Before adding service node to the environment, make sure that the server meets the requirements.

  • Is it possible to have mixed roles on a single service node Plesk Automation (PA)?

    Yes, it's possible. You can deploy service node with mixed roles which can simultaneously provide two or three services: For example, Apache web server and Postfix mail server. For additional information please check corresponding article.

  • How do I run command-line utilities?

    You can run Plesk Automation command-line utilities using only one universal utility called ppa. It can be run from any directory on the management node. For additional information please refer Run Plesk Automation command line utility.

  • How should I propagate changes in the node's operating system

    Sometimes, it may be necessary to make changes in the operating system of a certain service node (for example, install new software). In such a case, Plesk Automation must be informed about these changes; otherwise, the node may stop operating properly. For example, if you install Microsoft .NET Framework 4 on the node and do not propagate this change to Plesk Automation, the provisioning of subscriptions with support for .NET will fail on this node. Another example when changes must be propagated is enabling hard disk quota in a Virtuozzo container.

    To propagate changes in the node's operating system to Plesk Automation:

    In Infrastructure > Service Nodes > select the node > Summary tab, click the Refresh button (in the User-installed packages group).

  • I have Plesk Expand in production. Can I reuse the existing central DNS server from Expand in Plesk Automation?

    The "transfer from Expand" scenario implies that DNS services are relocated to DNS servers registered in Plesk Automation: They will store all DNS zones from Expand's central DNS server. After the transfer, Expand's DNS server will begin forwarding all requests to Plesk Automation's master DNS server. This allows you to keep all existing NS records on a registrar's DNS server as is.

  • Statistics and Resource usage are not calculated. What should I do?

    Plesk Automation obtains disk usage statistics from the Hosting Panel once a day using the special Daily maintenance script. Therefore, if you experience any problems in retrieving disk usage statistics (for example, statistics are not updated), you should check the status of the periodic Schedule daily maintenance task.

    To check the status of the periodic Schedule daily maintenance task:

    Select Schedule daily maintenance in Operations > Tasks > Periodic tab. Check the status of the last tasks in the Last task execution results table. Open the tasks that have the Failed status: You will see the details on the issue that prevented the script execution.

  • How do I enable the backup functionality?

    In Plesk Automation, administrators and resellers are not provided with a centralized means of backing up and restoring the data of their customers. Only users logged in to the Hosting Panel can back up and restore data belonging to their subscription.

    Plesk Automation can save backup files only on an external FTP server - a backup server. Therefore, to enable the backup functionality, you must add a special Backup node to the system. For additional information please check Backup Server Nodes. Note: At the moment PA supports only 1 Backup Node.

  • How do I perform a full server backup?

    We do not provide a server backup solution. There are a number of such products on the market. We recommend choosing one of them.

Plesk Automation Documentation

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Upgrade issues (HUB)

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