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Customer tries to place a sales or an upgrade order and selects more than one units of additional resource #123. Attempt to place order fails with the following error:

    Max-Min value can not be greater than 1. Resource Upgrade from Resource #123 Resource A to Resource #456 Resource B must be deleted first.


There is resource upgrade configured from resource #123 to resource #456 or vice versa.

To see where it is configured:

PBA-E Provider control panel (or reseller control panel if resource belongs to a reseller) > Home > Product Director > Resource Manager > Resources > open resource > Upgrade to/Upgrade from

It may also be configured on the resource rate level:

Home > Product Director > Plan Manager > Service Plans > select plan > Resource Rates > select resource rate > Upgrade To/Upgrade From

Only resources with maximum units 1 and minimum units 0 can be composed in resource upgrade pairs:


Review the service plan and the resource configuration and either remove resource upgrade configured or reconfigure a plan to allow maximum 1 unit of resource #123 (depends on the result configuration required).

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