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When the SSL certificate is being purchased, the customer is asked for approver e-mail address, there is a list of suggested email addresses. There are however several problems:

  • any address will be accepted by the form;
  • the pre-filled email address is not always one which is a valid approver, despite the description provided on the page.

In case incorrect address is input, an order for certificate provisioning fails. In the subscription service status history there are records:

Comment Certificate submission has failed. Current status is Error.
Full Comment    Missing or invalid field:Error from supplier: Missing or Invalid Field: ApproverEmail

Is there is any way to force the customer to use a proper e-mail address or validate the field?


Currently such functionality is missing, but there is a feature requests to implement it, is id is #PBA-54693 ("Improve Approver Email confirmation step in SSL certificate purchase wizard").

To resubmit a failed order for provisioning:

  1. PBA 5.5: Home > Operations > Orders > Failed order

    PBA 5.4: Home > Operation Director > Sales Manager > Customers Orders > Failed order

  2. Click on the Provisioning Items tab.
  3. Click on the failed item.
  4. Correct an approver e-mail.
  5. Resubmit an order for provisioning.

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