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Article ID: 120335, created on Feb 26, 2014, last review on Jul 14, 2018

  • Applies to:
  • Plesk Automation 11.1


  1. When I have tried to create new domain I got an error:

    Domain "domain.tld" already exists

    But I was not able to found required domain in Parallels Plesk Automation (PPA) Provider Panel in Top > Services > Websites.

  2. When I log in to Parallels Plesk Automation Management node and applied solution from this article I have got an error:

    [root@ppa ~]# /usr/local/psa/bin/domain -r domain.tld
    Actual result that you got : An error occurred during domain removal: Domain 'domain.tld' does not belong to any customer


Parallels Plesk Automation (PPA) are used two databases for work purposes. It is use POA database to store business-logic information and Plesk database to store information about hosted subscriptions.

Current issues exist when required domain data exist in POA database but absent in Plesk database. Often it could be caused by unsuccessful subscription/domain deletion from Parallels Plesk Automation (PPA).


  1. Create backup of the databases according this article.

  2. Found the owner of required domain in the POA database, on management node execute following command:

    [root@ppa ~]# psql -U plesk -h `hostname` plesk -c "SELECT account_id,company_name FROM accounts LEFT JOIN domains ON accounts.account_id=domains.owner_id WHERE LIKE '%domain.tld%';"
     account_id | company_name
              3 | test_user
    (1 row)
  3. Open Parallels Plesk Automation (PPA) Provider Panel. Found the required customer in Top > Operations > Customers or Resellers.

  4. Open options for required customer, go to Resources > Domains, found and delete domain 'domain.tld'. Make sure in Task Manager that domain was successfully deleted:

    208646  processing event 'Domain removed'       Feb-21-2014 19:49:26    Feb-21-2014 19:49:26                    Successful
  5. Create new domain domain.tld.

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