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  • Odin Business Automation Standard 4.5


Domains are displayed with different statuses in Domain Manager:

PCC > Top > Service Director > Domain Manager > Domains

What does domain status mean?


According to Online Help of Provider’s Panel (PCC > Top > Service Director > Domain Manager > Domains > Help):

  • Unregistered - domain is not registered yet and thus is not available for service.
  • Registered - domain is considered as registered and thus can be used for services. This status can be used both for domains with Registrar known and domains registered elsewhere. In the latter case, it is supposed that a domain is really registered since a user that has added a domain has stated this.
  • Registering - domain registration in progress.
  • Transfering - domain transfer in progress.
  • Error - error occurred during domain registration or transfer.
  • Renewing - domain renewal in progress.
  • Zone is starting - Domain zone is being configured in OBAS. This status occurs if DNS zone startup is set to "Before domain registration" for this TLD. This option is designed to meet the requirements of some registrars, which start checking a customer name servers right after a domain registration request is received. In this case, if a customer have his/her name servers not configured properly by the moment of domain registration order placement, a registrar sends an error response. If domain zone is started before sending domain registration request to Registrar, a domain normally gets the statuses: Unregistered > Zone is starting > Registering > Registered.
  • Terminating - information about domain is being removed from Registrar. This status occurs after a domain termination request is sent from OBAS to Registrar. The status is shown till the response about successful termination is received from Registrar.
  • Terminated - information about domain is removed from Registrar, domain registration terminated. This status occurs for a very short time and then a domain becomes "Registered elsewhere".

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