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Article ID: 119865, created on Jan 28, 2014, last review on Nov 18, 2014

  • Applies to:
  • Plesk Automation 11.1
  • Plesk Automation 11.5


  1. You have got error when tried to add a new Windows service node. The task Install PA agent on node 'PPA-TEST-WIN-SN' failed with the following error:

    Failed to execute command 'install_win_sn.exe'. Check 'c:\POA_Deploy' at host '' for more details.
  2. Log in to adding Windows service node. Check requset which was sent to management Node in order to register IIS node in C:\POA_Deploy\agent-installation.log:

    POA Log: "C:\Program Files (x86)\SWsoft\PEM\bin\Register_Host.exe" "-r" "corbaloc:iiop:" "-H" "15" "-OrbSvcConf" "C:\Program Files (x86)\SWsoft\PEM\etc\svc.conf" "-t" "FD430384-57A5-11E3-8000-00505694748C" "-x" "C:\Program Files (x86)\SWsoft\PEM\etc\peers.conf" "-h" "PPA-TEST-WIN-SN-IIS" "-u" "PPA-TEST-WIN-SN-IIS" "-d" "C:\Program Files (x86)\SWsoft\PEM" "-a" "" "-A" "" "-P" "8352" "-S" "Win32" "-N" "PPA-TEST-WIN-SN-IIS" "-B" "PPA-TEST-WIN-SN" "-D" "[none]" "-b" "[none]" "-s" "C:\CustomerData" "-z" "[not applicable]" "-Z" "[not applicable]" "-y" "LocalSystem" "-Y" "[not applicable]" "-c" "PEM_CEFF4D96-6CA4-4A7E-8EB4-506D8B7C0331" "-C" "x86_64" "-R" "6.1"
    MSI (s) (6C!90) [21:53:46:050]: Product: POA Agent -- POA Error: Registration host error.
    (ExSystem) errcode = 0
    Host registration token is invalid. Please try add host again.: RET_FAILURE_EX_SYSTEM.

    As you can see hostname "PPA-TEST-WIN-SN-IIS" was used as a parameter.

  3. Log in to PPA management node and check /usr/local/ppa/log/poa.debug.log:

    ppa-manager : DBG [1:3858:f5da2b90:615 1:3822:f21f8b90 Kernel]: STMT [Con: 19026, 0xf0453500 txn:652 task:651] ' INSERT INTO registrator_add_host_tokens(host,token)  VALUES( ?, ? )'($0 = 'PPA-TEST-WIN-SN', $1 = 'FD430384-57A5-11E3-8000-00505694748C')
    ppa-manager : DBG [1:3858:f5da2b90:615 1:4254:f57fab90 SharedNodeRegistrator]: [task:651 SharedNodeRegistrator_impl::WindowsNodeRegistrator_impl::taskIn] Token 'FD430384-57A5-11E3-8000-00505694748C' was issued for host 'PPA-TEST-WIN-SN'

    As you can see, token was issued for host "PPA-TEST-WIN-SN" - the first 15-th symbols of the IIS node hostname.


According to Microsoft NetBIOS Computer Naming Conventions computer name can be up to 15 alphanumeric characters with no blank spaces. Hostname of adding Windows service node contains more than 15 characters and PPA cuts off the last characters beyond the allowable size of the computer name while execution required task.


  1. Log in to Windows service node.

  2. Change the computer name of the corresponding essential requirements.

  3. Add the Windows service node to PPA again.

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