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On a system with x86_64 architecture, Billing Watchdog is sending notifications about virtual memory usage all the time. In watchdog log you can see:

[PROCESS] [WARN] Process '/usr/local/stellart/bin/atm' (PID 28044) was reached virtual size (4379012 KB) threshold.
[main] [DEBUG] Updating a lock file atm.overused.stat
[PROCESS] [DEBUG] Sending mail notification..
[PROCESS] [WARN] Process '/usr/local/stellart/bin/muxd' (PID 28045) was reached virtual size (4268424 KB) threshold.
[main] [DEBUG] Updating a lock file muxd.overused.stat
[PROCESS] [DEBUG] Sending mail notification..


It is useless to monitor virtual memory usage on x86_64 system. "atm" and "muxd" containers will always consume large amount of virtual memory, which is normal behavior.


In order to avoid such useless notifications, it is needed to change the settings in the watchdog configuration file:




And change:

VS_TRESHOLD = 4000000


VS_TRESHOLD = xxxxxx

where xxxxxx is a number of Kilobytes which is higher than amount of memory available in the system.

For example, full amount of memory can be found out by the following command:

# top -n1 | grep 'Mem.*total'
Mem:  16396660k total, 16298916k used,    97744k free,   180172k buffers

So, in this case the following information should be put into .wd.conf/wd.conf file(s):

VS_TRESHOLD = 16396660

Restart watchdog for changes to apply:

service ssm restart wd

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