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Article ID: 119484, created on Jan 6, 2014, last review on May 9, 2014

  • Applies to:
  • Business Automation 5.5


Attempt to download a PDF version of an invoice or attempt to send an invoice to the customer fails with "operation with NULL currency value" error:

[../stlrt/type/currency.cpp:54] operation with NULL currency value Backtrace: /usr/local/stellart/lib64/ [0x7f78a97e33d1] /usr/local/stellart/lib64/ [0x7f78a97e3d9a] /usr/local/stellart/lib64/ [0x7f78a97f84d9] /usr/local/stellart/lib64/ [0x7f78a97f6862] /usr/local/bm/lib64/ [0x7f78b15121a1] /usr/local/bm/lib64/ [0x7f78b43bc00d] /usr/local/bm/lib64/ [0x7f78b43d1ee7] /usr/local/bm/lib64/
 ype7NumericIiEE3StrS3_+0x6c0) [0x7f78b43d050c] /usr/local/bm/lib64/ [0x7f78b43604eb] /usr/local/bm/lib64/ [0x7f78b40829b8] /usr/local/stellart/lib64/ [0x7f78a8be0848] /usr/local/stellart/lib64/ [0x7f78a910314b] /usr/local/stellart/lib64/ [0x7f78a90e6c43] /usr/local/stellart/lib64/ [0x7f78a9101c7f] /usr/local/stellart/lib64/ [0x7f78a90e630e] /usr/local/stellart/lib64/ [0x7f78a90e07f2] /usr/
 local/stellart/lib64/ [0x7f78a90e4ec5] /usr/local/stellart/lib64/ [0x7f78a90e1628] /usr/local/stellart/lib64/ [0x7f78a97b04c7] /lib64/ [0x7f78a7f85851] /lib64/ [0x7f78a7cd394d]


It is not possible to download or send the invoice notification in case the Unit Price is NULL, the issue is a product bug PBA-52967.


Update an installation to PBA 5.5.3 to eliminate an issue. To fix an exact invoice notification without update installation, please contact Parallels Technical Support.

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