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"Update Boxes" is not possible option in the H-Sphere control panel due to the following error: "Fetching info is running. Update is forbidden."


Connection problems.


Please perform the following steps:

  1. Restart CP:

    service httpdcp restart  
  2. Run 'Fetch boxes info' and look at fetching process using following command:

    tail -fn0 /var/log/hsphere/hsphere.log | grep 'Finished getting info for physical server'  

For example the biggest physical server id in your cluster is 358, it will be one of the last in log. Also time interval between log updates usually less than 5 seconds. So you will be able to catch when fetching of available boxes will be finished.

  1. Find boxes with 'No info' in 'Info Taken' column. Check their availability:

    • If it is a linux box:

      su -l cpanel  
      ssh root@box.domain.or.ip.address  

    You should be able to login.

    • If it is a windows box:

      telnet box.domain.or.ip.address 10125     

    "Good" answer looks like:

     Connected to box.domain.  
     Escape character is '^]'.  
     H-Sphere transport with DIME support v.^  
  2. Fix all connection issues and repeat from step 1.

Also you can exclude nodes from fetching list.

Warning! It's strongly recommended to make backup database before any changes.

To exclude node with id 500 execute following query:

update p_server set get_server_info=0 where id=500;

To include node with id 500 back:

update p_server set get_server_info=1 where id=500;

To apply database changes you need to restart CP.

    service httpdcp restart

As a workaround in urgent case you may exclude all nodes except node you want to update:

update p_server set get_server_info=0 where id!=500;

Respectively to include back:

update p_server set get_server_info=1 where id!=500;

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