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Article ID: 119236, created on Dec 20, 2013, last review on Jul 14, 2018

  • Applies to:
  • Odin Business Automation Standard 4.5


During OBAS upgrade to 4.5 version in accordance with the Release Notes the following error appears:

[root@pbas ~]# hspc-upgrade-manager --finish  
  => [factory finished] task-manager  
  => [factory finished] core  
  => [factory finished] cc  
  => [factory finished] configuration-manager  
    => [process section] '4.5-37'  
      => [exec start] '4.5/add_ext_attr_default_value.sql' with '/usr/sbin/hspc-sql' processor  
ERROR 1142 (42000) at line 1: SELECT command denied to user 'aspcomplete'@'<mysql_host>' for table 'COLUMNS'  
      => [exec error] '4.5/add_ext_attr_default_value.sql' in 0.09 secs  
=> [An error occurred while upgrade.]  


OBAS database is stored on an external server:

[root@pbas ~]# grep MAIN_DB /etc/hspc/hspc.conf  
MAIN_DB_HOST    = <mysql_host>  
MAIN_DB_NAME    = aspc  
MAIN_DB_USER    = <mysql_user>  
MAIN_DB_PASS    = <mysql_password>  

MySQL version 4 is installed on the remote database server <mysql_host>.

There is a software issue "PBAS-29182 - Upgrade to 4.5 failed with remote mysql 4 DB"

It was fixed in OBAS 4.5.1


Upgrade OBAS straight to 4.5.1.

Solution for failed upgrade to OBAS 4.5-55

  1. Upgrade MySQL to version 5 on the remote database server <mysql_host> manually.
  2. Run the script on OBAS node to complete the upgrade:

    [root@pbas ~]# hspc-upgrade-manager --finish

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