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POA Open API provides powerful methods that allow the partners automating the sophisticated scenarios beyond the built-in capabilities of Parallels Automation Control Panel.
See the Public API Reference for more detail.
However, calling these methods is cumbersome, especially on Windows


The POA OpenAPI is based on the XML-RPC standard. Windows platform does lack any out-of-the-box tools for calling the XML-RPC methods, making POA OpenAPI scripting inconvenient.


A simple script module based on Windows PowerShell (PS versions 2.0 and newer are supported) is attached to this article.

Installation and Upgrade from the Previous Versions

Download the attached, and extract all contents to the folder %USERPROFILE%\Documents\WindowsPowerShell\Modules
Once this is done, attempts to execute any of the POA Shell cmdlets would automatically import the necessary modules.


  1. Connect to POA instance using Connect-PoaInstance cmdlet.
    Connect-PoaInstance -poaMN -credentials (Get-Credential)
  2. Execute any POA OpenAPI method using Invoke-PoaMethod cmdlet.
    Invoke-PoaMethod -methodName 'pem.statistics.getStatisticsReport' -arguments @{reports=@(@{name='poaVersion'; value='0'})}
  3. There are also a few wrapper methods for some known POA OpeAPI methods. Use the following command to list the available functions:
    Get-Module POAShell
    Example 1:
    Example 2:
    Get-PoaExchangeMailboxID -email_address ''


This script is provided for experimental purposes. Feel free to mail your feedback to azlygostev {at}


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