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POA Service Template for Windows Azure Pack services should contain the following groups of resources:

  1. Auxiliary APS application resources:

    • WAP Application - 1 unit
    • WAP Application Context - 1 unit
    • WAP Subscription - 1 unit
  2. Virtual Machine and Websites counters:

    • WAP VM count - unlimited
    • WAP WS count - unlimited

    WAP application collects a number of websites and VMs from WAP portal and set usage on the customer's subscriptions. These resource are required to be added into POA Service Template.

  3. Resource Usage Counters for Virtual Machines and Websites:

    • WAP VM CPUAllocationCount-Average
    • WAP VM CPUAllocationCount-Max
    • WAP VM CrossDiskIOPerSecond-Average
    • WAP WS TotalIncomingRequestBytes
    • etc

    There are numerous parameters which can be added to POA Service Template for collecting resource usage such as VM CPU usaage, VM diskspace usage, VM RAM usage, Website memory usage and so on. These resource counters are used for the pay-as-you-go model. Adding resources in POA Service Template is optional.

  4. Resources for Windows Azure Pack Service Plans:

    • WAP MSSQL hosting
    • WAP Virtual Machine
    • WAP Website

    All parameters of the objects are defined in Windows Azure Pack Service Plans. POA receives only the names of Service Plans. WAP Service Plans are presented as POA resources. 1 unit of the resource equals to 1 WAP subscriptions.

Service Plans are created by Provider in WAP portal. Service Plan is based on the exact WAP service: database, website or Virtual Machine. Service Plan has set of the parameters depending on the selected WAP service.

Then the list of the Service Plans is imported to POA, by clicking 'Synchronize' button.

POA Provider CP > Services > Applications > APS Instances > select 'Windows Azure Pack APS Package' instance > switch to the 'Plans' tab > click 'Synchronize' button

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For the newly exported WAP Service Plans POA resources are automatically created. Resource gets the name of the Service Plan with the prefix 'WAP'.

Single POA subscription based on WAP Service Template could contain several WAP subscriptions. WAP subscriptions are automatically created during POA subscription provisioning according to the limit of the WAP Service Plans.

Example: If POA Service Template contains resource 'WAP Virtual Machine' with limit 5. It means that 5 WAP subscriptions will be created for the customer and they will be able to create 5 Virtual Machines in WAP portal.

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