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  • Applies to:
  • Business Automation
  • Odin Business Automation Standard 4.5


Not yet registered domain is not available for registration in BA, attempts to register it fail with Not Available status for this domain or with an error Domain already registered. Or, visa-a-versa, occupied domain is shown as available for registration.

Steps to resolve

Check the whois checker that is configured for the tld:

Home > System > Settings > Domains > TLDs
tld -> First Checker

a) if it is not configured, it is required to configure it. If a registrar supports domain availability check for a zone, this registrar can be assigned as checker to a zone, if no – then Whois plug-in should be configured;

b) verify WHOIS configuration, check the RegEx, logs.

Known errors:

  1. IP restriction, one of the errors below appear in the log:

    Connection denied. Your host (x.x.x.x) is not authorized to use this service.
    whois.server.tld: access denied for xx.xx.xx.xx

    Reason: IP address of the BA Management Node (Application server) is restricted to use the WHOIS server configured for the problem domain zone.

    Contact administrators of the WHOIS server (registrar support) to resolve the problem, e.g. to add IP address of the BA Management Node to the authorized hosts list.

  2. Incorrectly configured RegExp.

    For example, for .COM domains the WHOIS plug-in configuration may be as follows:

    * Whois server
    * RegExp type        domain available
    * RegExp            No match for
    * Request Pattern    %domain%

    In the example provided above PBA will send WHOIS requests to the server, domain name will be sent in the request. If the string No match for is found in the response from WHOIS server PBA will consider domain as available for registration since the domain was not foind in the WHOIS database.

    The main idea of WHOIS-based domain availability checking is to find string in WHOIS server response which may unambigously indicate whether a domain is free or not. This may be a problem to find such string because different WHOIS servers have different response format.

    So, if incorrect regular expression type or pattern are entered in WHOIS plug-in configuration PBA will not be able to check domain availability correctly.

    Run the command directly on the BA server:

    # whois [domain] -h [whois server]

    You will see the sentence nothing found, not available or similar that must be used as a RegEx.

  3. No connection.

    Check connectivity to WHOIS server (port 43) using the telnet utility:

    telnet 43

    Replace in the command above with actual name of WHOIS server configured in BA.

    • BA must be able resolve WHOIS server hostname to IP address;
    • there should be no firewall which may prevent outgoing connections from BA Management Node to port 43
  4. The limit on number of requests to WHOIS server is exceeded:

    [16-07-27 01:29:28.089 Worker1.4   TH28520 NTE] Trying to send request for
    [16-07-27 01:29:28.269 Worker1.4   TH28520 NTE]
    Response: Request denied!
    The monthly overall-limit of requested domains (5000)
    has been reached for IP-Address (
    Please contact our support and/or sales-department for further information.

    Note: depending on the used WHOIS server response about exceeded limit may be different.

    Contact Whois to clarify if there is any way to increase the limit. If not - configure a different whois checker.

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