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A customer created a PACI server image with the name that contains / (slash) symbol, e.g. 'image.1000101.20/06/13'.

The customer cannot delete the ijmage in the POA Customer Control Panel because PACI reports the image as not being found, which is correct, because on the storage node the image is created with the following name:


The following entries are present in the logs on the PACI Instance Manager server:


2013-12-04 09:15:13,854 ERROR NativeVm2VfCode [Thread-4348310] - [?:1251704] __ve_action_opened(DELETE_IMAGE): failure PRL_ERR_VM_UUID_NOT_FOUND


2013-12-04 19:07:04,109 DEBUG NativeVm2VfCode [Thread-4718390] - [?:1341188] find_object_get_uuid2 processing [image..First] looking for [image.1000101.20/06/13]
2013-12-04 19:07:04,110 ERROR NativeVm2VfCode [Thread-4718391] - [?:1341188] __ve_action_opened(DELETE_IMAGE): failure PRL_ERR_VM_UUID_NOT_FOUND
2013-12-04 19:07:04,110 DEBUG NativeVm2VfCode [Thread-4718392] - [?:1341188] done_with_message


The problem is cause by the software defect CCU-7349.


Follow the steps below to resolve the problem.

  1. Log into the PACI storage node.

  2. Find the config.pvs file inside the image.<SUB_ID>.200613.pvm folder (located in the /vz/vmprivate/ folder on the storage node), replace <SUB_ID> with the actual ID of the customer's PACI subscription and 200613 with the actual name of the server image.

    The config.pvs file contains the following information:

    <Identification dyn_lists="">
      <VmCreationDate>2013-06-19 01:28:54</VmCreationDate>
      <VmUptimeStartDateTime>2013-06-19 01:28:54</VmUptimeStartDateTime>
  3. Change the VmName parameter to the actual name of the server image which the customer created (in this example this is image.<SUB_ID>.20/06/13) and after that it will be possible to delete the image in the POA Customer CP.

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