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Article ID: 118968, created on Dec 2, 2013, last review on Apr 26, 2014

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Why does PlaceSubscriptionCancellationOrder_API return a parameter different from one described in the documentation?


The method underwent the changes described below:

1) Since PBA 5.4.7 a method started to output OrderID instead of OrderNum.

2) In 5.4.14 this change was rolled back, so in the versions 5.4.14-5.4.15 the method returns an order number.

3) The change on the step 2 was found unacceptable (may break an integration with external systems), the bug #PBA-50043 was submitted and fixed in PBA 5.4.16, since that version the value of OrderID is returned by PlaceSubscriptionCancellationOrder_API method, OrderNum is not returned anymore. The examples in the documentation will be updated (documentation bug PBA-51178). The same is valid for PBA 5.5.x.

If you need an OrderNum, you may execute the call GetOrder_API (with the OrderID returned by PlaceSubscriptionCancellationOrder_API as a parameter).

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