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There is a service plan configured to allow purchasing two or more Parallels Plesk licenses (resource rate limits are set up to allow having two or more item of the resources). One Plesk license was ordered and provisioned successfully, but purchasing the second license is not possible: in CCP > Account > Buy New License > [subscription] there is no Parallels Plesk Panel license option.


It is possible to purchase only one Parallels Plesk Panel license per subscription. Feature request #PBA-42971 was created to implement multi-license per subscription functionality.


It is possible to create a separate Service Plan for Parallels Plesk Panel license.

  1. Add "License Management" as a supplementary gate for "Dummy Gate":

    1.1. PBA 5.4: "Home>External Systems Director>Service Gates", PBA 5.5: Home>System>Settings>Service Gates

    1.2. Select "Dummy Gate"

    1.3. Go to "Supplementary Gates" tab and click "Add New Supplementary Gate"

    1.4. Select "License Management" and click "Save".

  2. Create a new service template:

    2.1 PBA 5.4: Home>Product Director>Plan Manager>Service Templates, PBA 5.5: Home>Products>Service Plans>Service Templates tab

    2.2 Click "Add New Service Template"

    2.3 Select "Dummy Gate" and click "Next"

    2.4 Specify Name, Version, set Active to "Yes" and set all "Event Handlers" to "Automatical".

  3. Create a new service plan:

    3.1 PBA 5.4: Home>Product Director>Plan Manager>Service Plans , PBA 5.5: Home>Products>Service Plans

    3.2 Click "Add New Service Plan"

    3.3 Specify the service template from the step 2, do not add any resource rates for the plan.

  4. Add Parallels Plesk Panel license resources to the created service plan:

    4.1 PBA 5.4: Home>Product Director>Plan Manager>Service Plans , PBA 5.5: Home>Products>Service Plans

    4.2 Select the plan created on the step 3

    4.3 Go to "Resource Rates" tab, click "Configure Licenses/Features"

    4.4 Select necessary Parallels Plesk Panel license class and add all necessary Parallels Plesk Panel license resources.

Now customer will be able to purchase new subscriptions based on the created service plan, Plesk licenses will be created for them and it will be possible to download them: Home>Account>Subscription Management>[license_subscription]>Licenses>[license]>Download License

and manually install in Parallels Plesk Control Panel.

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