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A Provider or Customer cannot log into the Business Automation (BA) Control Panel or switch between Parallels Operations Automation (OA) and BA Control Panels. The Control Panel is either not accessible at all, or shows error messages like:

Fatal error

Billing is not available now

System error

Server BM_Container is not available

Service Unavailable The corresponding service is not available at the moment, try it within 2-3 minutes.

This article describes basic troubleshooting steps when the Control Panel is down or giving an internal server error.


There may be many causes of Control Panel unavailability:

  1. Stopped or hung servers

  2. Stopped or hung services

  3. Lack of resources (memory, diskspace) on servers

  4. Network connectivity issues (firewall)

  5. Misconfigured services

  6. Expired license

Below, you will find more details on checking the above causes and appropriate troubleshooting.


Check the status of servers

Verify that both the BA Application server and database node are up and running.

Check status of services

  1. Make sure that all required services are running on the corresponding servers.

    BA Application server - make sure that httpd, the core BA services and the 'Stellart WWW Server' service in particular are running:

    • Linux:

      # service httpd status
      # service pba status www
      # service pba status amt
      # service pba status muxd
      # service pba status BM
      # service ssm status
    • Windows:

      > net start | find "Stellart Service Manager"
      > ssm status www
      > ssm status amt
      > ssm status muxd
      > ssm status BM

    Refer to Knowledgebase article #5588 for instructions on how to properly restart BA components.

  2. Make sure that the BA system database service is running on the corresponding server:

    • Linux-based installation - PostgreSQL server

    • Windows-based installation - Microsoft SQL Server

    If the PostgreSQL server does not start on the BA database server and shows the 'Permission denied' error message, check Knowledgebase article #117810.

Analyze logs

Analyze logs related to the problem with the BA Control Panel:

  1. Apache or IIS logs on the BA Application server
  2. www.log, BM.log, AHRC.log, muxd.log, atm.log on the BA Application server

To find the required BA logs, refer to this Knowledgebase article: Automation system logs location.

Analyze the part of logs which is being appended to the log file when trying to log into the Control Panel. Then, search the Knowledgebase for the errors and warning messages found in your logs.

Use the 'tail' utility to get the necessary part of log. The 'tail' utility for Windows can be found in the Support Tools pack.

Check system resources

  1. If Odin Automation servers are deployed as virtual environments, check that the proper amount of memory is allocated to the servers.

    Refer to the hardware requirements in the corresponding installation guide. For example, see the Hardware Requirements for Operations Automation 5.5.

    If you are using Odin virtualization products, use the native Virtuozzo Containers(VC), Virtuozzo Hypervisor or Virtuozzo tools to check and tune memory and other resource limits configured for virtual servers: vzlist, vzctl

  2. Make sure there is enough free disk space on the BA Application and Database servers.

    If you have a Linux-based Automation installation, also check the amount of disk inodes available with the df -i command.

    On Virtuozzo Containers(VC), Virtuozzo Hypervisor(VH) or Virtuozzo servers the amount of disk inodes allocated for a container can be changed with the vzctl utility:

    # vzctl set CT_ID --save --diskspace SOFTLIMIT:HARDLIMIT --diskinodes SOFTLIMIT:HARDLIMIT

    See Knowledgebase article #114019 for more details.

Check firewall

  1. Make sure that the OA UI and branding servers can access your BA Application server over the network (Backnet).

  2. Check that the HTTPS port is open in your firewall for external incoming connections for the branding servers and the BA Application server.

Refer to the Firewall Configuration Guide for a list of the network ports to be open between different servers in an Odin Automation infrastructure.

Check services configuration

Verify that the IP addresses of all OA UI (User Interface), branding servers and privacy proxy are configured in the /usr/local/bm/conf/ip_access.db file on the BA Application server - see this article for more information. In addition, verify that the correct password (admin) is specified for the RootPassword parameter in /usr/local/bm/conf/_amt_service_.res, and that it is not followed by a trailing space.

Check licenses

  1. If your Odin Automation servers are deployed as virtual environments, make sure that the virtualization product's license is active and allows the required number of virtual environments to be launched. For VZC, VH or VZ servers, use the following command:

    # vzlicview

    Check the following parameters of the license in the output. Make sure the license is active and that the number of allowed CPUs, containers and Virtual Machines is not exceeded:

    cpu_total=16 (2)
    ct_total="unlimited" (54)
    nr_vms="unlimited" (20)
  2. Check that the proper active license is installed in the Odin Automation system.

    Read Odin Knowledgebase article #114021 for more details.

Restart services

Try restarting the following services to solve the problem with Control Panel availability:

  • OA UI service as described in article #4642

  • Apache or IIS on OA-managed branding server(s)

  • 'Stellart WWW server' on the BA Management Node:

    • Linux: service pba restart www

    • Windows: ssm restart www

    If a restart of the 'Stellart WWW server' does not help, restart all BA services :

    • Linux: service pba restart

    • Windows: net stop ssm && net start pba
  • BA Database service (PostgreSQL or MS SQL Server)

Restart servers

Finally, if all the above troubleshooting steps do not help, restart the physical servers or virtual environments (containers/Virtual Machines) where OA and BA services are running.

Important! Load encryption keys into BA after the server reboot. Follow the instructions in Knowledgebase article #116211.

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