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Article ID: 118544, created on Nov 11, 2013, last review on Jul 14, 2018

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Order statuses or some other fields in PBA-E control panel are displayed as String(NULL) or NULL under non-English locale.


  1. The proper translation is present in the localization files but is not applied to the database.

  2. There is no translation in the localization file.


    • Verify that the translation is present in the locale.lang.file (/usr/local/bm/conf/locale/locale.lang)
    • Apply the locale translations to PBA-E database by running the script:

      cd /usr/local/bm/tools/
      ./ syncLocalesFromDB -t toLocaleID

    -t - an option to sync a specific locale
    -w - an option to overwrite the existing translations in the database with new one, from the locale
    -h - to get information about script options

  1. If an order status translation is missing in the localization file, it can be added from the control panel:

PBA-E 5.4: Home > Configuration Director > Order Processing > All Order Flows > [orderflow_that_is_used] > [each_ordertype] > Order Statuses > [necessary_order_status]

You can check what order flow is currently used in Home>Configuration Director>Order Processing>Order Flow.

PBA-E 5.5: Home > System > Settings > Order Processing > All Order Flows > [orderflow_that_is_used] > select order type > Order Statuses > [necessary_order_status]

  • click "Edit" button;

  • click on Language switcher near Description field;

  • select "Show All";

  • add translation;

  • click "Save" button.

Otherwise a translation can be added to the locale (#116938) and the translations synced as described in the 1st part of the resolution.

If a translation is present in the updated locale file

PBA-E 5.4:

PBA-E 5.5:

update a locale as described in the article #112442.

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