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Article ID: 118472, created on Nov 6, 2013, last review on Jul 14, 2018

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Cancellation order fails in PBA with the following error message:

Removing of Service of Subscription #ID is failed. Stop service of Order Item #ID failed.

The exception appears in the BM.log file or generic_worker.log file on the PBA Application server after selecting reason code #13 from the database:

[...] Exclusively locking a row (ReasonID=13) in table SubscrReasonCode
[...] Prepare [023D08E0]: SELECT "T65871192"."ReasonID", "T65871192"."OperType", "T65871192"."Reason", "T65871192"."UserArc", "T65871192"."DateArc" FROM "SubscrReasonCode" "T65871192" (UPDLOCK)  WHERE ("T65871192"."ReasonID") = (?)
[...] Rows fetched: 0, internal storage capacity: 0 bytes.
[...]   ...[2] *** INTERRUPTED BY EXCEPTION *** class ErrorMessage *__thiscall BM::StopSubscription(class STLRT::Type::Numeric<int>,class STLRT::Type::Numeric<int>,class Str)


The subscription cancellation reason code #13 is absent in the POA database. It was probably deleted manually.


Check if the reason code with ID #13 exists in the PBA Provider Control Panel at Configuration Director > Miscellaneous Settings > Reason Codes. If it does not exist contact the Parallels Support team, reason code must be added manually in the PBA database.

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