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  • Odin Business Automation Standard 4.3
  • Plesk Automation

Q: Only a single dedicated IP can be assigned per subscription, so subscriptions cannot have a mix of dedicated and static addresses assigned to sites (there are end-customers wanting such configuration).

At the moment there is a limitation inherited from Parallels Plesk Panel, which allows only one webspace per subscription, and a webspace can have only one IP address. The future release of PPA will have the "multi-webspace subscription" feature, which will allow having multiple webspaces per subscription. There you'll be able to assign the IPs to the webspaces.

Q: How to enforce hard quota disk limit/restrictions on a subscription (e.g. total disk quota for all domains in a subscription) which is not editable/manageable by the client?

The Webspace resource has the hard disk quota limit. You can use it to impose limits on the system level. Each webspace is associated with a system user created as the owner of the webspace. The limits are set for this system user.

Q: What happens when traffic allocation to a subscription is exceeded?

At the moment all subscriptions in PPA are created without the overuse permission. If this is important, we can consider overuse permission in the hosting service templates.

Q: How to downgrade resources added through "Buy Resources" in PBA-S? It seems like after purchase of an extra database for subscription it cannot be decreased back if no longer required.

Resources may be downgraded through the "Buy Resources" page in CP. To downgrade a resource login to CP and click the "Buy Resources" link under Store section. Set new limit for resource and click "Next" to create the order. Please remember that not all billable resources may be changed and so not all resources are listed on the "Buy Resources for subscription.." page.

Q: Migration guide/tools for PPA/PBAS from Plesk/PBA-S. It appears to only support migration from "Plesk Domain" type subscriptions to PPA, whereas the majority of Fast Hit services are using "Plesk Client" within PBA-S (multiple domains, IP's etc). Is this because of current PPA integration limitations?

We will provide Plesk Client accounts migration after the "multi-webspace subscription" feature will be implemented. See #1.

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How to integrate PPA with PBA-S?

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