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Article ID: 118410, created on Nov 4, 2013, last review on Jun 11, 2015

  • Applies to:
  • Plesk Automation 11.1
  • Plesk Automation 11.5


Subscription creation fails with the error:

    Domain "" already exists


  1. The domain was already added to a subscription.
  2. The task Remove the subscription was canceled and, as a result, the subscription was not fully deleted.


  1. Connect to plesk database:

    # psql -U plesk -h `hostname` plesk 
  2. Check if the domain already exists in a subscription:

    plesk=>  SELECT * FROM plesk_webspaces where domain='domain.tld';
     webspace_id | account_id | sub_id |    domain     | is_enabled | is_brand
             130 |        520 |    393 |  domain.tld   | y          | n
  3. If it does, check the subscription that it is assigned to (sub_id means subscription ID). If there is no domain record in plesk_webspaces, follow the instructions below:

    2.1. Open Services > Websites to check if the domain in question exists.

    2.2. Open System > Task Manager > Canceled Tasks to check if the subscription-removing task was canceled.

    2.3. Restart all canceled tasks with the Remove the subscription name.

  4. If the canceled tasks were removed from the Task Manager, use the following command to remove the subscription from the database:

    /usr/local/psa/bin/domain -r domain.tld

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