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Article ID: 118335, created on Oct 31, 2013, last review on Jul 14, 2018

  • Applies to:
  • Operations Automation 5.4

Important note

If Parallels Web Presence Builder is used with Parallels Operations Automation (POA), it must be upgraded to version 11.5.7 prior to installing POA 5.4 Update 15.

Release Notes

Full release notes for POA version 5.4.15 can be downloaded here.

Functional Changes

Cumulative Update 3 for Exchange Server 2013 is now supported.

Fixed Issues

Linux Shared Hosting

POA-81492 The ".htaccess" files are not synchronized with the website template during provisioning on NG webspace

POA-80517 The Linux Shared Hosting NG migration fails if the source service template contains urchin/awstat and the target service template does not contain them

POA-80342 The Linux Shared Hosting NG migration check sometimes fails for proftpd vhosts

POA-77689 The frontnet IP instead of the backnet IP is set for bind in the "gmond.conf" file after updating POA

POA-81584 If the task "taskPrepareExDocRoot" fails, it does not restart automatically

VPS Hosting

POA-80755 In VM subscription, the memory drop-down is missing while ordering Entitlements of 1 GB RAM and rolling back to screens to select the Entitlement of 2 GB

POA-77961 An error occurs when adding a Plesk domain if a domain record for a nonexistent Plesk instance exists in the database

POA-77871 The VPS backup task fails if the corresponding subscription is disabled during the backup task's execution

POA-76455 The "Login to VZPP" links are missing in Customer Control Panel after "halt" is run

POA-73165 The periodic task "Create Customers VPS scheduled backups" fails with the error: CORBA/OBJECT_NOT_EXIST

POA-73049 The Customer Control Panel backup page is not refreshed after clicking the "Restore" button

POA-72816 The periodic task "Create Customers VPS scheduled backups" (taskPeriodicalVPSBackupStarter) needs optimization

POA-71435 The logic of the task "registerDomainName" needs improvement

POA-71208 The task "pleskConfigurationTimeout" always completes successfully

Application Hosting

POA-81104 The verification script output is not taken into account during service instance provisioning or it is not parsed correctly by POA

POA-80950 The min-length setting is not taken into account when the password is generated by the class="password"

POA-80741 The package summary is not localized in the application vault list

POA-80565 The Domain is provisioned to SpamExperts but is not bound to the application instance in POA

POA-79306 The APS shared applications have the incorrect file permissions after provisioning

POA-81709 The SpamExperts MX record is not created if the domain name is in uppercase letters

Cloud Infrastructure

CCU-6847 Failed backups were reported as successful to the Instance Manager

CCU-6818 New staff members cannot be created when the Instance Manager node is offline

CCU-6630 Cloning of a server with specific firewall rules could fail


POA-81039 The resource usage data becomes incorrect if addDomain is executed for existing domain with DNS hosting

POA-81032 The WebFileManager does not work after the FTP password is changed

POA-80858 Exchange 2013 cannot be deployed in the same domain as Exchange 2007/2010

POA-80711 Exchange provisioning fails with unclear error

POA-80285 Dedicated server module deployment guide bug

POA-80251 The Customer Control Panel login times out if the customer has too many subscriptions

POA-78851 The "Hide billing item" option is missing from the "More Tools" screen

POA-78453 The phpBB entry-point link is wrong

POA-77892 The IIS Brands are not bound to port 443 and the brand link does not open


The update can be downloaded here. Please contact Support for its deployment.


You can find the full installation instructions in the UPDATE.txt file from the distribution.

Additional Information

All required system updates can be easily installed through pa_updates_installer [instructions].

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