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Article ID: 118316, created on Oct 31, 2013, last review on Nov 7, 2014

  • Applies to:
  • Odin Business Automation Standard 4.3


How to use Hosting Plan (HP) Categories in reseller? I cannot add new HP Category through Reseller's Panel (RCC) because button "New Hosting Plan Category" is missing at

RCC > Top > Billing Director > Product Manager > Hosting Plans > Hosting Plan Categories


Since PBA-S version 4.3.3 resellers may manage Plan Categories. The setting is present in Reseller Config (Top > Account Director > Reseller Manager > Reseller Config > Default):

Hosting plan categories and groups
* Reseller only uses Provider hosting plan categories and groups (Default permission)
* Reseller manages own hosting plan categories and groups (If this permission is granted, it cannot be withdrawn)

Refer to Enable New Store for Resellers and Managing Pre-Defined Reseller Configurations for more detail.


Upgrade PBA-S to version 4.3.3 or above.

Make sure the reseller in question is based on a config that allows category management. You may create a new config, set the permission in it and assign the reseller to the config.

  1. Top > Account Director > Reseller Manager > Reseller Config > New Reseller Config.
  2. Top > Account Director > Reseller Manager > Resellers > %name% > Edit.

For PBA-S version 4.3.2 or earlier

Even reseller cannot manage HP Categories through RCC, provider may assign Reseller's HP to a HP Category which provider created through PCC.

Reseller's HP needs to be a copy of provider's plan. To associate Reseller's HP with a HP Category provider should assign parent HP to a HP Category. Title of Provider's HP on base of which Resellers HP was created is shown in PCC on the HP General Settings page near "Original title".

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