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Article ID: 118288, created on Oct 30, 2013, last review on May 27, 2014

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Task 'Executing APS provisioning workflow ...' for an APS 2.0 application with external provisioning type that uses PHP runtime failed with error:

Internal error: SDK::Platform::blob Plesk::SaaS::SaaSManagerTasks_impl::taskExecuteWorkflow(const SDK::Platform::Properties&) : [APSC] REST Application returns error code=500 type=APS\SchemaException: Can't find schema for 'http:\/\/\/resource\/10.0'.

, where http:\/\/\/resource\/10.0 is a resource name and version of one of application's resources.


The error is returned by your endpoint.

PHP runtime automatically generates schema from your PHP code. This error means that PHP runtime on endpoint cannot generate schema for a type that is being provisioned.

Most common reason is scripts on the endpoint are outdated, for example, a new package with version 10.0 of the resource is imported in POA but the latest version that endpoint script know about is 9.0.

For site applications scripts are upgraded automatically however for external applications endpoint scripts manual updates are required.


Log in to the application endpoint server and replace the provisioning scripts inside the endpoint folder with their latest version.

If this was done already but still does not help, you can try to remove the 'typeCache' subfolder inside the endpoint folder and resubmit the request.


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