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Article ID: 118274, created on Oct 29, 2013, last review on May 14, 2014

  • Applies to:
  • Business Automation 5.5

PBA 5.5.2 Release Notes

Important: POA 5.5 Update 2 is required to be installed.


  • Payment Method Types Renamed
  • Improved Managing of Service Plan Publication
  • New Password Widget in Control Panels
  • PACI Service Plans with Single Backup or OS Template Are Supported
  • Validation of Container Resources Limits Depending on the OS Template Selected in the Store
  • Registering .AR Domains through OpenSRS: New Requirements

Fixed Issues

Public API

PBA-51303 OrderFinDetailsListGetExt_API returns error for the orders that contain details added via UI

Account and Plans Configuration

PBA-51527 Renewal order created from the Provider Control Panel is not processed automatically

PBA-51049 The "During Switch Plan" option applies to Provider CP, but should only affect Customer CP

PBA-50820 Resource Upgrade wizard forces a customer to purchase incorrect amount of resource if subscription contains it as a standalone resource and it is also included in one or more composite resources

PBA-49940 Calculation of bandwidth limit in Mbpsh/Kbpsh/Gbpsh for CI Resource is made on the basis of 1Mb=1024Kb, which is wrong

PBA-47872 The Required Parameters tab for a resource is obsolete and should be removed


PBA-51781 Unable to resubmit payments that have been declined by the payment gate

PBA-51018 Payment with Paypal could fail if verification request contains special symbols


PBA-51832 In some rare cases, orders placed by a Reseller's customer are not provisioned

PBA-51251 The description of Additional Resources is not displayed in Provider and Customer Control Panel when ordering additional resources


PBA-51409 PLESK_RELOADED_FOR_VZ_POWER_PACK replacement is not created during PBA upgrade, causing license provisioning failure

POA Integration

PBA-51607 The "Sync Domain Names To PBA" event may break the provisioning of a hosting subscription that is registered in PBA but not started


PBA-51500 Registrant Date of Birth before 1970-01-01 is not accepted

Online Store

PBA-51857 Calculation of bandwidth limit in Mbpsh/Kbpsh/Gbpsh for CI Resource in Online Store is made on the basis of 1Mb=1024Kb, which is wrong

PBA-51506 Incorrect synchronization of the Online Store

PBA-51505 Customer needs to close the external redirect payment window by closing the browser tab

PBA-51503 Incorrect WorldPay redirect in the Online Store: the "Continue" button remains on screen after payment is successfully completed


PBA-51180 A customer with MANAGE_CUSTOMERS_SUBSCR permission is unable to place Resource Upgrade orders in some cases

PBA-49404 The whitelist of safe-to-use PHP functions in Smarty templates is missing


PBA-51945 There are no instructions provided on how to switch to Change Orders after upgrade to PBA 5.5

PBA-51590 The ability to include roles into existing roles is not documented properly

PBA-51507 The API Reference contains the incorrect information for the PlaceOrderAndAuthorize_API method

PBA-51496 The description of PACI plan period configuration lacks details

PBA-51286 Inaccurate description of the sales tax total that is shown at the checkout screen

PBA-49268 The DomainSubscrAdd_API method description contains discrepancies

PBA-38738 Calculation Example of the Change Order for After Billing Period is incorrect

PBA-38267 Incorrect example of the billing period calculation for ABP subscriptions upgraded with the option "From the Date of Upgrade"


PBA-51818 Unable to set up the integration with Kayako

PBA-51793 Integration of PBA with Kayako Fusion is not working on MySQL server 5.5

PBA-50958 LogRotate service is terminated unexpectedly if the number of logs exceeds the maxfiles value

PBA-50942 Possible issues with export to Excel because incorrect version of libxml2 package is used

PBA-50005 The "Nonrefundable Amt" key is absent from the locale

PBA-49944 Billing Forecast Report occasionally shows wrong Billing Count for Plans

PBA-48593 Service Parameters are not localized at the Domain Additional Information tab

PBA-45652 Export to 1C in RUSSIANMARKET causes high memory usage

PBA-42907 Email could be sent before creation of the notification message

Installation Instructions

New Installations






Installation files

RHEL6/Centos6 - 64-bit





Windows 2008R2 - 64-bit



Additional Information

  1. PBA will require a restart during the update.
  2. During the upgrade, all PBA RPMs will be upgraded to newer versions. If a backup is made with a server/VPS restart, then the private key for credit card encryption needs to be reloaded.
  3. Additional documentation can be found here:

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