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Article ID: 118245, created on Oct 28, 2013, last review on Sep 3, 2016

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POA task "Remove webspace 'webspace_name' from group 'group'" fails with the following error message:

Backup data with id 'ID' doesn't exist.


The task to remove webspace from the backup group was submitted several times in the POA Customer Control Panel.

One of the scheduled tasks finished successfully, other ones failed as there was nothing to remove.


Make sure that the webspace is absent in the backup group in question:

  • Log into the POA Customer Control Panel under the account in question
  • Select the needed subscription (subscription ID is present in the POA Task Manager in the failed task properties)
  • Switch to 'More Services > Backups' tab
  • Click on the backup group whose name is mentioned in the failed task
  • Make sure that the webspace was removed from the backup group
  • Cancel the failing task in the POA Task Manager, in this particular case it is safe

NOTE: Similar failure can occur for tasks Backup/Restore MySQL/MSSQL Database "dbxxxxx_example" from group 'examplegroup':

In such case, please do the following:

  1. check the info about the backup has been already deleted from OA database:

    plesk=> select * from backups_backups where backup_id = XXXX;
    backup_id | group_id | sc_id | object_id | object_type | object_name | specific_data | size
    (0 rows)
  2. Try to find out the task Remove 'MySQL Database "dbxxxxx_example"' from group 'examplegroup' in Task Manager to check if backup was already removed

If you found such task related to this database, it is safe to cancel the reported failed task, since the backup has been already removed and there is no way to complete the task successfully.

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