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Article ID: 118191, created on Oct 24, 2013, last review on Jul 14, 2018

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The following error message is displayed when a customer is trying to activate Log Manager for a webspace in the POA Customer Control Panel (CCP):

The usage of the resource "Logfiles access (downloading) support" for subscription with ID "1000101" exceeds the value of "1"

The usage of the 'Logfiles access (downloading) support' resource which is used to provision the Log Manager service on the subscripton in question is non-zero, and Log Manager actually stays not activated in CCP.


Check the poa.debug.log on the POA Management Node when the error message above appears in the Control Panel, the entry like provided below will be found:

Oct 23 07:22:09 osscore : DBG [1:25588:ed2ffb90:13 1:25411:f0985b90 lib]: [txn:14640327 UsageUpdater::checkOveruse] {module_id="ResourceManagement"; code="100"; old_code="5"} Resource 'Logfiles access (downloading) support' overusage attempt (subscription #1013031, usage 2, limit 1).

The log entry says about the attempt to overuse the 'Logfiles access (downloading) support' resource in the customer's subscription - limit is set to 1 and there is attempt to use 2 units of the resource.

The reason of the problem is inconsistency in the POA system database, most probably the Log Manager service was activated/deactivated in the past in the subscription and the information in the POA database was not updated properly.


Unprovision/provision the 'Logfiles access (downloading) support' resource in the problem customer subscription in the POA Provider Control Panel:

  • Go to Operations Director > Subscription Manager > Subscriptions
  • Find the problem subscription and click on it
  • Switch to the 'Resources' tab
  • Click 'Edit'
  • Enter 0 in the 'Limit' field for the 'Logfiles access (downloading) support' resource
  • Click 'Submit'
  • Since the usage of the resource is non-zero you will see the following warning message:

    You are trying to set zero limits to resources that are currently used. It may cause resource "unprovisioning". Confirm the operation using the checkbox below and press "Submit" button again if you want to proceed.

  • Confirm the operation by checking the 'Allow resources unprovisioning' box

  • Click 'Submit'
  • Activate the Log Manager service in the POA Customer Control Panel

Important: In this particular case it is safe to unprovision the resource, it will not lead to any data loss due to the resource provisioning mechanism - provisioning of the 'Logfiles access (downloading) support' resource just means configuring special FTP user with permissions to download web server log files in the Customer Control Panel. So, during unprovisioning and further provisioning of the resource the special FTP user will be just re-created.

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