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The Microsoft Lync 2013 application does not connect automatically to Lync servers. As a Lync user I want to perform manual configuration of the Lync client on my machine.


  1. Find the external Lync access server name and port in the POA Customer Control Panel:

    • Switch to the 'Microsoft Lync 2013' tab
    • Click 'Settings':

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    • Remember the values in the 'Configuration' section:

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    Note: if you do not have access to the 'Settings' menu in the POA Customer Control Panel, ask your Parallels Automation account administrator to provide the Lync server name and port.

  2. Set Configuration Settings for Lync for Mac

    In this section, we will walk through the set up of some common configuration settings for Lync for Mac Client software, such as changing the sign-in address, changing settings related to Microsoft Exchange Server, and changing settings for Microsoft Outlook.

    1. Start the Microsoft Lync for Mac, and then click the Command and the ',' (comma) keys combination to set the application preferences.


      • Start the Microsoft Lync for Mac, and then click Lync in the top menu options.
      • In the Lync menu, click Preferences.
    2. Click the Account tab to display the email address or SIP URI:

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    3. If required, select 'Show me as away when I am Inactive for this many minutes', and then select the number of minutes in the drop-down box.

    4. If required, select the appropriate check boxes for Microsoft Exchange and Microsoft Outlook.

    For advanced troubleshooting, do the following steps:

    1. Click 'Edit' in the 'Server Settings' section to manually enter the Lync server name for both internal and external use. Manual configuration can help to troubleshoot DNS name resolution issues. Enter the values obtained in the first step (<External server name>:<External server port>) in both fields.

    2. You can also enable Kerberos authentication for Lync for Mac:

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Note: When connected to the internal corporate network (LAN), to enable Kerberos authentication for Lync for Mac, verify that the Kerberos plug-in has been enabled in Mac OS X and is working correctly.

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