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Article ID: 118114, created on Oct 22, 2013, last review on Nov 29, 2016

  • Applies to:
  • Operations Automation 7.0
  • Operations Automation 5.5


Provider staff member cannot create Virtual Environmnt (VE) with network storage in the POA Hosting CP > Cloud Infrastructure > click New Server > fill in details > click 'Finish', the following error message is displayed:

Failed to create a new server

In the /var/log/IM/PACI-im.log file on the PACI Instance Manager (IM) server the following error message is logged:

P80445: Storage type [PCS] is not allowed for the subscription

Or tasks fail with message like:

IM rejects request with message P80445: Storage type [PCS] is not allowed for the subscription for URI http://<IP>:4465/paci/v1.0/of/1000001/ve


Newly created OS groups with PCS storage type restrictions are not propagated to the subscription #1 (PA Provider subscription) on the Instance Manager server.

The problem has been reported as #CCU-6852 for OA 5.5 and #CCU-13905 for OA 7.0.


If OA verison is 7.0, please contact Odin Technical Support to workaround the issue. In order to trace the current status of #CCU-13905, please contact your Technical Account Manager or Pooled Technical Associate Team (

The problem has been fixed in OA 5.5 update 2..

In the meantime, update the subscription's storage restrictions on the Instance Manager server manually:

  1. Get the current settings of the subscription by executing the following on IM node:

    ~# curl -u 'admin:<pass>' http://IP_ADDR:4465/paci/v1.0/of/<CUSTOMER_ID>/subscription/<SUB_ID> -X GET

    Replace <pass> with the PACI admin user password, replace IP_ADDR with the actual IP address of the IM server.

    This will get the current preferences. Copy the output.

  2. Create file subs.xml with content from step 1.

    In case a task is failing, do the following:

    1. Acquire the task's parameter ve_info, e.g. <os-info type="windows-server" technology="VM"/
    2. Modify the subs.xml to include line:

      <storage technology="VM" os-type="windows-server" type="pcs" default="true"/>
  3. Execute the following command on the IM server in the folder where the subs.xml file is located:

    ~# curl -u 'admin:<pass>' http://IP_ADDR:4465/paci/v1.0/of/<CUSTOMER_ID>/subscription/<SUB_ID> -X PUT -H 'content-type: application/xml' -d@subs.xml

After that try to create the PACI VE in the Hosting CP once again, or rerun the task.

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