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I've created Plesk Domain subscription with name %sub.domain.tld% in OBAS. DNS zone of %sub.domain.tld% exists in Plesk, but it's not synchronized with OBAS.

Domain's DNS zone has only default records (Top > Service Director > Domain Manager > Domains > %sub.domain.tld% > DNS zone):

%sub.domain.tld%.   600 SOA     %sub.domain.tld% root@%sub.domain.tld% 2013101900 7200 3600 604800 3600
%sub.domain.tld%.   600 NS      NS1.PBA-S.TLD.
%sub.domain.tld%.   600 NS      NS2.PBA-S.TLD.

No DNS records are retrieved from Plesk (Top > Service Director > Domain Manager > Domains > %sub.domain.tld% > DNS Records Suppliers > #subid Plesk Domain Subscription > Preview Restores Records):

DNS Records Supplier restored records
** empty output **

The following error is shown in OBAS log when try to synchronize DNS through (Top > Service Director > Plesk Manager > Domains > %sub.domain.tld% > Synchronize DNS):

[HSPC::MT::Plesk::DNS::can_create_domain] TRACE [02]: . -> HSPC::MT::Plesk::DNS->can_create_domain (domain => %sub.domain.tld%; account_no => 5) =>  ERROR: existing domain ERROR: foreign subdomain
[HSPC::MT::Plesk::DNS::update_domain_zone] Could not create domain %sub.domain.tld%


Domain with name %domain.tld% exists in OBAS (Top > Service Director > Domain Manager > Domains).

%sub.domain.tld% is considered to be a subdomain of %domain.tld% - DNS records cannot be created on another subscription.

Note: this restriction was added since OBAS 4.2 (internal issue ID is PBAS-27745 - Clients can create reserved domains/subdomains through Plesk).

Before domain is created in OBAS it is checked that domain is not:

  • a part of reserved domain
  • a part of another account's domain


Use one of the following ways to resolve the issue:

  1. create %sub.domain.tld% as a subdomain of %domain.tld% through CP.

  2. Delete %domain.tld% through Domain Manager. Remember to synchronize domain's DNS zone after %domain.tld% was removed:

    Top > Service Director > Plesk Manager > Domains > %sub.domain.tld% > Synchronize DNS

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