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Article ID: 118090, created on Oct 22, 2013, last review on Jul 14, 2018

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  • Odin Business Automation Standard


All domains registered with the InterNexX plug-in have status "Error":

Top > Service Director > Domain Manager > Domains
11      DOMAIN1.TLD    InterNexX  09-Oct-2014 Error (Details)
12      DOMAIN2.TLD    InterNexX  10-Oct-2014 Error (Details)

Click on the "Details" link:

44      Error Failed    #11 DOMAIN1.TLD
        Register Domain; Domain DOMAIN1.TLD. Error occurred while registration. Error: admin:E00000: Errors occurred during processing.; EF00202: User does not exist or password incorrect.; owner:E00000: Errors occurred during processing.; EF00202: User does not exi
        09-Oct-2013, 15:21
Attention! See Problem # p2013-10-09_15-21-21 for details.

More details:

[2013/10/09 15:21:21] [WARN] [18311] [HSPC::MT::Plugin::DM::InterNetX::_call_ix] [DM] [InterNetX] request to: Dump below:   <request>
      <user>SOME_U</user>                           <== !!!

[2013/10/09 15:21:21] [WARN] [18311] [HSPC::MT::Plugin::DM::InterNetX::_call_ix] [DM] [InterNetX] reply from: Dump below: <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" ?>
      <text>User does not exist or password incorrect.</text>
      <text>Errors occurred during processing.</text>

OBAS sends user name "SOME_U" to the registrar, while another name "SOME_USER" is specified in the plug-in settings under Top > Service Director > Domain Manager > Plug-ins > InterNexX > Plug-in Configuration:

Server URL:
Password:       Hidden. Press "Edit" button to see Policy terms.


Symbol "_" in the auth key for registration/transfer of domains is not processed correctly by the InterNexX plug-in.


The problem was fixed in OBAS since version 4.5, bug is PBAS-27624. To resolve the issue, please upgrade OBAS to the latest version.

Hotfix for OBAS 4.3.4 is attached. To install the hotfix, please run:

~# rpm -Ufv hspc-plugin-dm-internetx-4.3.4-39.swsoft.i386.rpm
~# hspc-upgrade-manager --finish

400e18f6ede9f8be5575a475d2d6b0a6 caea8340e2d186a540518d08602aa065

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