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Article ID: 118076, created on Oct 21, 2013, last review on May 4, 2014

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APS task 'executing configuration script' to create Lync user fails in POA with the following error message:

No user registered with login '<LOGIN>'.

where 'LOGIN' is the login of the service user.

More detailed diagnostics is provided in the example below:

APS application 'Microsoft Lync 2010', id, instance -> service 'User_Profile', instance : executing configuration script
Last execution output:
Application configuration script reported errors: '
No user registered with login '<LOGIN>'.
error_code 1000 error_message No user registered with login '<LOGIN>'

Indeed, the service user with exactly the login mentioned in the failed task is absent in POA.


Most likely the service user in question was renamed after the task to provision Lync service to it was created and before the task was executed, e.g. the task might be blocked in the task queue by other tasks.

As the result, when the task was executed it failed to find the service user because it was renamed, e.g. the user login was changed from lowercase to uppercase or vice versa.

Look in the POA Customer Control Panel for the service user with similar name.


If you found that the login of the service user was changed then follow the steps below to resolve the problem:

  1. Cancel only the failed task 'executing configuration script' in the POA Task Manager
  2. Let the Finalizing operation scheduled after the 'executing configuration script' task to run
  3. Remove the Lync service from the user
  4. Add the Lync service to the user again

After you remove and add the Lync service to the user the coresponding APS task 'executing configuration script' will be created for the user with updated login.

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