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Article ID: 117893, created on Oct 11, 2013, last review on Dec 13, 2014

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The BackupAgent service provisioning tasks fail in POA with the following error message:

BA account changing procedure returned error code: -1

This may occur for one or more of the following reasons:

1. User failed to authenticate

    Problem occurred while authenticating login info for username: 'USERNAME'.
    Error: BAWS015004 :: Failed to authenticate user 'USERNAME'.

The BackupAgent cannot authenticate the user with password stored in POA, thus the task fails. This could happen if the end customer has changed password directly through the BackupAgent Management Console, POA knows nothing about the new password.

2. 'Allow accounts upgrade/downgrade' is not enabled.

It is known issue and happens when the setting 'Allow accounts upgrade/downgrade' is not enabled for the group the account is part of or in case these settings or not enabled on Administrator level.

    Unhandled exception: BAWS017031 :: Not enough space available

3. The inner exception is the following error:

    Status 500 soap 

Verbose logging contains: 

    [processScriptExecutionResult] Error value returned by verification script but structured       output is expected,output stream: '', error stream: '’

4. The inner exception is:

    'BAWS017001 :: Failure creating account information for account: [username]. Error: String or binary data would be truncated.’


  1. The customer in question has to change the password of the problem user in the BackupAgent Management Console to the password of the user in POA. The problem user is mentioned in the failed task properties in the POA Task Manager and in the event in the BackupAgent Management Console.

    To change the password, customer may do the following:

    1. In the POA Customer CP go to Online Backup top tab > Online Backup > Settings
    2. Click Show Password
    3. Go to Online Backup top tab > Online Backup > General
    4. Open the link to management console, go to Service Settings > Change password
    5. Change the password to the one from step 2.

    Note: if user which listed on Service Settings tab have child users on BackupAgent side, and task to change password failed for child user, the only way to sort out failed POA task is to contact BackupAgent Support and request to update password for child account on BackupAgent side.

  2. The resolution in case of ‘BAWS017031 :: Not enough space available’ error is threefold

    Use the latest version of the APS 1.2 package (published on
    Upgrade the BackupAgent server to Version 5 in which a bug was resolved, which caused this error to happen in case a customer group had ‘Allow accounts upgrade/downgrade’ set to ‘false’
    In some cases, the issue persists and the following SQL query must be executed on the CloudBackupServices database which stores the user profiles of the BackupAgent Server: 
    update dbo.ResellerConfig set ResellerConfigIsAllowedAccountUpgrade = 1, ResellerConfigIsAllowedAccountDowngrade = 1, AllowAccountDeletion = 1, ResellerConfigAllowTrials = 1
  3. Make sure the APS controller is synchronized with an internet time server. It is needed to configure ntpd (time synchronization) on provisioning gateway.

  4. A parameter (such as the phone number) is too long to be pushed to the BackupAgent database. Please check all parameters and shorten them if possible.

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